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Astor Mascara Mania Lash Beautifier Volume Mascara with Argan Oil & Keratin

If you could pick just one makeup essential, mascara would be it. Classic, indispensable, the quintessential basic… And yet mascara continues to reinvent itself, rising above the perpetual renewal of trends.


Astor set out to find the ideal mascara formula for supple, healthy looking, and amazingly volumized lashes that lasts all day.  Lash Beautifier Volume Mascara with Argan oil is Astor’s first mascara to give volume and care for the lashes.  Its beautifying formula, paired with our Spoon brush, embraces the shape of the eyes and captures hard to reach lashes, providing maximum volume and perfectly defined lashes for a fuller lash fringe.   It’s the end of hard, brittle lashes.  Supple, softened and defined, lashes reveal a spectacular volume, elevating your allure to head-turning heights.  To get the full effect, follow these steps to apply your mascara:

- First shape your lashes with an eyelash curler. Crimp the lashes at their base, pressing down for three to five seconds, and then repeat the operation at mid-length.

- Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes, then coat the roots and small lashes on the inner corners of the eyes with small strokes.

- Brush the eyebrows to finish structuring the eyes.

 Let your eyes stand out by minimizing your foundation and only adding a touch of gloss to your lips.


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