Get ready for the Manga Look!


Get ready for the Manga Look!




Following the trends, the fashion shows reveal a style with contrasting influences for this summer. Between the minimalist '90s revivals that seem to confirm that less is more and a desire for singularity, there is no wishy-washy compromise. 2016 will be the year of choice: the now-or-never moment to assert your personality.
To stave away the summertime blues, eyes enter the season with flying colors and an ultra-feminine spirit. The runway heralds a pop season. Lashes reveal themselves to be long, thick and perfectly separated, excessively curled: a studied "false eyelash" look. Eyelids take on this season's star color, azure blue; but pastel pink and lemon yellow also make an appearance. Application can be forthright or soft-focus, but is always playful. Arty all-over color like a single brushstroke, a delicate veil, or a slash of extra-thick liner: anything is possible. Colored eyeshadows and curvy lashes: this new summer combo is a seductive duo defining doll faces full of poetry and refinement.


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