Znajdź maskarę, która najlepiej do Ciebie pasuje


Znajdź maskarę, która najlepiej do Ciebie pasuje


On the leading edge of beauty trends this summer, mascara has become one of the state-of-the-art makeup tools. Generally selected according to the desired effect (volume, curl, separation, and so on), it can also be used to correct or emphasize the shape of the eyes, but this is a well-kept secret. Here is an overview of what these little marvels of technology can do. Simply match the right formula to the right approach and you're on your way.


Enlarge small eyes


To bring more presence to your eyes, there's nothing better than a multifunction mascara that increases your lashes in three dimensions: length, volume and curl. Once the eyes are metamorphosed, the entire face gains in intensity, taking on a new charisma. The expert tip: Generously load the lashes located at the exterior corner of each eye.


Bring out the beauty of almond-shaped eyes


You don't need much to add a touch of glamour to this ideal shape.  Apply a volumizing mascara by sweeping the brush over the lashes, then underneath them, to coat them thoroughly with the formula. The expert tip: Once the mascara is applied, use the tip of the brush vertically to densify the lower lashes and open the eyes.


Elongate round eyes


he strategy consists of shaping the lashes into a fan while lengthening them with a specially formulated mascara. The expert tip: Brush the lashes toward the exterior, emphasizing the upper lashes and those at the exterior corners of the eyes. Be careful not to load the lashes too much, which would accentuate the round shape.


Lift droopy eyes


The most effective way to raise the lashes is to use a lengthening and curling mascara. Once curled and lengthened, the lashes appear fuller and the eyes seem to smile. The expert tip: Use a light hand to avoid weighing the lashes down, which would have the opposite effect.



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